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Золотые стихи из Библии:

1." Надейся на Господа всем сердцем твоим и не полагайся на разум твой. Во всех путях познавай Его, и Он направит стези твои. Не будь мудрецом в глазах твоих; бойся Господа и удаляйся от зла."Пр.3:5-7.

2." Не любите мира, ни того, что в мире; кто любит мир, в том нет любви Отчей; Ибо все, что в мире: похоть плоти, похоть очей и гордость житейская, не есть от Отца, но от мира(сего)."1Иоан.2:15-16.

3. "Больше всего хранимого храни сердце твое, потому что из него источники жизни."Пр.4:23.

4."...Бог есть любовь, и пребывающий в любви пребывает в Боге, и Бог в нем."1 Иоан.4:16(2).

5. "Ибо так возлюбил Бог мир, что отдал Сына Своего единородного, дабы всякий, верующий в Него, не погиб, но имел жизнь вечную." Иоан.3:16.

6."Перестаньте вы надеяться на человека, которого дыхание в ноздрях его, ибо что он значит?"Ис.2:22.

7."Кто хранит уста свои и язык свой, тот хранит от бед душу свою". Пр.21:23.

8. "Долготерпеливый лучше храброго, и владеющий собою лучше завоевателя города." Пр.16:32.

9."Оправдывающий нечестивого и обвиняющий праведного - оба мерзость пред Господом". Пр.17:15.

10."Кто ведет дело разумно, тот найдет благо, и кто надеется на Господа, тот блажен". Пр.16:20.

Sermon of the week

A fool for Christ.
"18 no one deceive himself. If any of you think to be wise in this age, be mad to be wise.
19 for the wisdom of this world is madness before God, as it is written, "he seeth the wise in their deceit."
20 And again: "the Lord knows the thoughts of the wise that they are vain".
21 now, no one bragged of men, for all your things, " 1 Corinthians 3: 18-21.
  To be mad to be wise. Like this? Amazing words. But really: what is wisdom? How should it be understood from our point of view?
  "the property of the human mind, characterized by the degree of development of knowledge and subconscious experience and expressed in the ability of their appropriate application in society, taking into account the specific situation." Wikipedia
  In other words: wisdom is a mind based on experience to achieve a certain goal.
  So the basis is still the goal. This is important. Because not all of it is the same. Either not everyone knows her or doesn't want to know her. Therefore, it is necessary to divide wisdom into: worldly and divine. That is, temporary, carnal, having earthly joy and heavenly, eternal.
  And here there are some contradictions, because these "wisdom" do not correspond to each other. And often have to choose. What is good for this world, in most cases, is not good for the spiritual world.
  Of course, everyone wants to live comfortably and beautifully. Many want the glory of man. I want power and wealth. Someone is looking for exotic, extreme and special sensations.
External beauty, fame, wealth, power attracts people.
  To have all this is necessary wisdom, but a special, everyday. Sometimes you have to be cunning, calculating, risky. Someone, to achieve the goal, will have to compromise with his conscience, to become a traitor, a hypocrite.
  There are times when someone turns to otherworldly forces for help. And here the devil is ready to help, but with the condition that a person lays down his soul, which, later, will be almost impossible to redeem.
  People do not think, and often do not want to think about the eternal, that one day will have to leave this earth. But human life is very short.
  Once people lived for a long time, for 900 years or more. But then God changed the genetic code of man. "And the Lord said, it is not eternal for My Spirit to be neglected by men, for they are flesh; let their days be a hundred and twenty years." Genesis 6: 3.
  Life has become man 120 years, but it was a lot, because longevity is not always to the benefit of the people. And the Lord cut short the lives of even up to 70 - 80 years. " The days of our years are seventy years, and with a greater strength – eighty years; and their best time is labor and disease, for they pass quickly, and we fly." Psalm 89: 10.
  Interestingly, but this period of people does not change much. The same interests, the same aspirations, the same values.
  What is wonderful for this world is often an enemy of God. Why do the Scriptures not hiding and warns:
"You adulterous people! don't you know that friendship with the world is enmity against God? So, who wants to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God." James 4: 4.
  And yet, I want to learn more about what the Bible calls the world. Again, let us turn to Scripture:
"15 do Not love the world or the things in the world who loves the world the love of the father.
16 for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but of this world.
17 and the world passes away, and his lust, and he that doeth the will of God abides forever."  1 John 2: 15-17.
  The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life - the basis of the modern world, the principle of its existence. Comfort, material wealth, spectacles, fashion, intrigues and human glory. Hence, human wisdom is built.
  This wisdom, of course, has its own principles, namely: money does not smell, all the techniques are good, the goal justifies the means and so on.
  From the point of view of the sinful world, this philosophy is, in a sense, reasonable. Temporary pleasures, success. A good car, for example, home, friends, work, interests.
  That's just about the ultimate goal, not many people think, or are afraid to think. And the future is sure to be. And there will be a judgment of God, whether people want it or not, whether they believe it or not.
  Forever ahead. And where is the soul? Here the philosophy of the world, for me personally, will not do. It's better to be, in a sense, insane to the carnal world. As, in fact, the Apostle Paul wrote in his letters.
"9 For I think that we, the last messengers, were judged by God to be as if condemned to death, because we have become a disgrace to the world, to Angels and men.
10 we are mad for Christ's sake, and you are wise in Christ; we are weak, and you are strong; you are in glory, and we are in disgrace." 1 Corinthians 4: 9-10.
  It's better to be crazy, but for Christ's sake. And only for Christ's sake, not for some political leader, idol or bright future on earth. Solely for the sake of Christ.
  And again, what is it to be mad for Christ's sake?
  Which means that:
  First of all, life priorities should be set correctly. God first, whatever it takes.
  For example: are you ready to follow Christ in spite of material problems or poor health? Is he ready to sacrifice his already meager means for the work of God? Are you ready to be in prison for your faith? Or would you give your life for God?
  If there is a positive answer to these questions, it is God's wisdom leading to eternal life.
  But for this world, this attitude to life is madness. "How can you go not clear what, when there is such an interesting life, such opportunities? Why risk your career or health?"
  But for someone like alternative to have been. For the sake of earthly well-being people left the Church, refused their faith in God.
  A good example is left in the Scriptures by the example of two brothers, Esau and Jacob.
"27 the Children grew up, and Esau became a man of skill in hunting, a man of the fields; and Jacob a man of meekness, living in tents.
28 Isaac loved Esau because his game was to his taste, and Rebekah loved Jacob.
29 And Jacob cooked pottage; and Esau came from the field tired.
30 And Esau said to Jacob, let me taste of that red pottage, for I am tired. From this nickname given to him Edom.
31 but Jacob said, sell me your birthright now.
32 Esau said, now, I'm dying, what's in this birthright for me?
33 Jacob said, " swear to me now." He swore to him and sold his birthright to Jacob.
34 And Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he ate and drank, and he arose and departed; so Esau slighted his birthright." Genesis 25: 27-34.
  A sad story with a sad result for Esau. For lentil soup, with ease, sold the birthright to his brother. That is the blessing that by law, through Abraham and Isaac, Esau had to have. But he sold. I thought it was less important. Gave It To Jacob.
  But Jacob understood what the blessing of God was and, in due time, fought with God, who appeared to him in the face of an angel and did not let him go until he blessed him.
"24 and Jacob was left alone. And a man wrestled with him till daybreak;
25 and when he saw that he did not overcome him, he touched his thigh, and damaged the composition of Jacob's thigh when he was struggling with him.
26 and he said unto him, let Me go, for the dawn has risen. Jacob said, " I will not let You go until you bless me."
27 and said, how is thy name? He said Jacob.
28 and he said, henceforth your name shall not be Jacob, but Israel, for you have fought God, and you shall overcome men." Genesis 32: 24-28.
  Wonderful and very visual. Treasure is not earthly, but heavenly. What every empty philosophy and temporary good, if not heavenly, eternal?
  For the people around us, people who believe don't look normal. Instead of the necessary chores at home and at work, instead of all sorts of shopping and entertainment go to Church for some reason, pray, read the Bible.
  I stress that God does not forbid us to rest and take care of our home; it is important to set the right priorities in life. First God, then everything else.
  Evaluation of all will not give people, and God. And what is high in people is often an abomination to the Lord.
"15 and He said unto them, ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God."  Luke 16: 15.
  Different values and, of course, different life principles:
  Instead, "the end justifies the means" and "all methods are good" - the teaching of Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of his commandments.
  And yet: to be wise in the eyes of God, you should abstract from the sinful world and not listen to the opinions of people around us.
"18 no one deceive himself. If any of you think to be wise in this age, be mad to be wise.
19 for the wisdom of this world is madness before God, as it is written, "he seeth the wise in their deceit."
20 And again: "the Lord knows the thoughts of the wise that they are vain"."  1 Corinthians 3: 18-20.


   Be blessed!

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